Community / Who is this for?

What is Una Bulla?

Una Bulla is a website focused on helping the Cuban dance community discover and stay informed about various activities of interest in their area. Our goal is to be the one-stop shop for Cuban dancers and music lovers. In order to be a trustworthy source, we deeply care about the accuracy and completeness of our event data, and we take great care in making sure it is consistently kept up to date.

What regions are supported right now?

So far, the SF Bay Area and Boston. We plan to add more cities/regions as the needs arise. If you’re interested in being an ambassador for your region (and responsible for keeping the calendar up to date), please reach out to us via email.

How is this different from the X calendar?

There are a handful of active salsa calendars. Some are tied to organizers, business/marketing heavy, not well maintained, but most either don’t differentiate between styles of salsa and/or they are mainly focused on linear salsa. Una Bulla is an attempt at creating something that is specific for the Cuban dance community.

Why not use Facebook events or groups, or Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram are great tools for event management and marketing, but the truth is that not everyone in the community is on Facebook or Instagram, and even if one is, it’s cumbersome to have to follow multiple accounts or groups, and then digest all the information that comes at you in different formats. Una Bulla simplifies that by presenting a clean, uniform interface to events, free of bombastic marketing, and always up to date. You can even add our calendar directly to your Google Calendar and have events show up there!

How can I subscribe to the calendar or search for events?

If you have a Google account, hit the button at the bottom right of the calendar view, and it’ll prompt you to have this calendar show up in your Google Calendar. There you can toggle the view on/off or search for events.

Can I add an event?


For SF, we have set up an automated way to add events here. See the FAQ below for more info on that automation. You can also email a public link to heyunabulla+sf@gmail.com and someone will manually add it to the calendar in a few days.

For Boston, please email heyunabulla+boston@gmail.com with the event info or a link.

🤓 SF Calendar Automation

How long before a submitted event shows up?

It’s automated, pretty much within a minute.

What if something needs to be edited?

This is manual. Write to heyunabulla+sf@gmail.com, and you should expect a resolution within a week.

🐛 Known Issues

Suggestions/Something else on your mind that’s not answered here?

Write to heyunabulla@gmail.com.